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"America's abortion fetish: Conservatives' need to control women and uphold patriarchy" is documentarian Mick Larson's latest project scheduled for release in the fall of 2024. The documentary examines the relationship between conservative politics and male mating strategies.  Through evolutionary psychology, ancient patriarchal strategies that have modeled family, tribe, community, church, and order continue to influence politics, policy, legislation, and law. The high-profile evidence of the ongoing subjugation of females is playing out today through conservative abortion policy.

Mick's previous documentary, "What Would Jesus Do On Election Day?"  asked, "Would Jesus' message of love and grace align itself better with the Republican or Democratic party?" 

In development is the documentary series "United States of Denial" which examines the history of racism & genocide in America.

Among his other documentary projects, Mick was executive producer and director of photography for the series "Pretense: Myth, Meaning and Belief in America," Mick's first documentary project involved the intelligent design movement in his home state.  "Kansas vs. Darwin"


For the past ten years, Mick has specialized in ENG production through his production company, responsible for shooting pre- and post-game interviews for clients including the Brooklyn Nets, LA Dodgers, Fox Sports, ESPN, MLB, Turner, and CBS. 


A native of Olathe, Kansas, Mick graduated from the University of Kansas in 1986 with a Bachelor of General Studies with an emphasis in Radio, TV & Film.

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